Cult classic films (restored, remastered, HD and 4K versions) available on Amazon Prime

Posted 25th May 2020
These are all available on standard Amazon Prime with no need for a secondary subscription.

There are hundreds of seventies and eighties cult horror, sci-fi and fantasy films on amazon but a lot of them are poor quality.
These are all the ones I could find with quality comparable to the Blu-ray releases.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
Big Bad Mama
Chopping Mall
Creepshow 2
Dead Heat
Dead Zone
Hell Comes to Frogtown
Galaxy of Terror
Night of the Living Dead (black and white and colour versions)
Nightmare Beach
Nightmare City
One Dark Night (4K)
Samurai Cop
The Stuff
The Super Inframan
The Harder They Come
The House on Sorority Row
The Incubus (4K)
The Dark Backward
The Last Man on Earth

Plus they have most of Lucio Fulci’s horror films and about a dozen of the Shameless Horror films collection.
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