Cupcake icing/piping help!

Found 9th Jun 2010
Hi, I'm going to be making a lot of cupcakes and wondered if anyone knew what the soft icing is called? The stuff that you pipe out and looks a bit like whippy ice cream. Can't find it anywhere!
Any help would be much appreciateds.

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buttercream icing ......Good luck x
you can buy it in tubs in supermarket if you dont want to make your own
also known as frosting, you can buy tubs of it in supermarkets, usually made by betty crocker or mix 250g of butter and 650g of icing sugar together you can also add flavouring such as vanilla, if too thick add some milk drop by drop
Its also called frosting by the Americans for their cupcakes/sponges etc.
Frosting/buttercream, it's easy to make
It's just icing sugar, butter & flavouring

Think I may make some cupcakes tomorrow! :-D
ahh man you've got me craving costco cake now!!

ahh man you've got me craving costco cake now!!

We have a huge costco birthday in the kitchen just now as was daughter's birthday yesterday - now you're making me want some and I have been SO good ignoring it after the first 5 slices :lol:
Thanks guys and gals! Rep left. I am making them for my Daughter's Christening instead of paying stupid money for one. Chosen cupcakes over fairy cakes because they are bigger, lol! Wish me luck!

Here's your basic recipe … Here's your basic recipe half a melted bar of your desired chocolate for that extra heart attackness, mmmm lush.If you want to get a good piped Mr Whippy style finish, you need a piping bag and a good piping nozzle, I think most supermarkets sell them now, if not, then your local home and house kinda shop.If not, just smear it on the cakes with a spoon, hide your lack of artistic icing with a load of sprinkles or chocolate buttons, whatever you want really.

This was my problem, i made loads of little fairy cakes last week (i bought a new cake stand so was excited to use it) So i made buttercream myself for the first time, it looked right and tasted right but then when i went to put it on the cakes it was just awful! I couldnt get any nice whippy style that you see in magazines! I was so angry with myself and my cakes looked awful :x
So they all went in the bin with the rest of the buttercream in anger - Then i realised all i needed was to get a piping bag and if id have put the buttercream in it would have come out all whippy and lovely *sulking* :oops:
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