Cuprinol garden shades

Posted 16th Jun 2020
I have a concrete shed but the door is wooden (and currently painted blue - think it has been painted with perhaps an exterior gloss). I have a tin of Cuprinol garden shades in the colour black but would I definitely have to remove all of the previous paint or could I just roughly sand it down? If it's going to be quite a time-consuming job, would it be easier to just use a black exterior gloss on the door - if I use one of those, do I have to remove all of the blue paint or can I just sand it down roughly first? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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I've just been having a look at exterior gloss paints and the ones that I am looking at say they take between 16-24 hours to dry. I really wanted something that would dry a bit quicker as it's my shed (the shed door) and I don't particularly want to leave it open all night for the paint to dry. Has anybody got any suggestions for a quicker drying exterior paint? Thank you.
Wilko paint is pretty good paint it in the morning and it should be tacky enough to close after a few hours on a good sunny day
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