Curious Hourly pay for a keyworker/Child care assistant

Found 26th Sep 2008
I have just started a new job and dont really think my wage is a fair one.. they pay all the staff the same rate.. no matter on experience.or qualifications... i am nvq 3 qualified...and feel it is unjust im getting paid the same as a young girl just finished school...?? how much is the rate any ideas?? what do you think i should do?? ideas...
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I know where my gf used to work everyone started on the same rate until you qualified or had qualifications. from unqualified to NVQ 2 earned you an extra 60p per hour so I guess NVQ 3 got more than the extra 60p then although I don't know how much extra so everyone on the same rate seems very unfair.
I'm guessing u knew how much u would be getting before u took the job on, and so in which case I'm not sure there is very much u can do. It does seem unfair though to be honest
I think if you go on the Pre-school learning alliance website they have the statistics for wages all over the country. Our hourly rate ranges on qualifications from min wage up, for the middle range it is aroun £630 i think. Not a lot when you think of the responsibility
I will try and find you the link but to be honest they show a much higher rate than we get
i was told the hourly rate which i did say was not good... tho i didnt know at the time it was paid to all the staff.. i may take it further i just wanted some opinions as i dont want to rock the boat too much in a new job..
cheers miffy121 ill check that out, yeah total responsibility and **** pay..
Well where i work the ones getting £6.30ish have the nvq level 3 so i dont know how that compares with yours
well that sounds great in my last place it was £6.09 now its £5.70 but we do have a raise to £5.82 from 1st oct, You got any jobs lol
I am a qualified nursery nurse and since having my own i gave up working and found a new career. The wages are awful! I got paid an extra 40p an hr to become head of my room, at first i was chuffed but its a lot of responsibility for such a small sum of money.
I was left with the choice of going to uni or change my career and with having young children i chose the latter. Shame really as i loved my job but with todays economy, i glad i did it :thumbsup:

btw i am not telling you to quit and change career but if its the money you want its the same everywhere, even in schools :thumbsup:
I am so surprized the wage is so low ! Of course you should be getting more than a 'newbie' after all this usually is the norm in other professions isn't it ?
sister in law took nvqs and then special needs-started her last job a few years ago im sure around £18000 which is a lot more than you are getting. Have you considered that?

well that sounds great in my last place it was £6.09 now its £5.70 but we … well that sounds great in my last place it was £6.09 now its £5.70 but we do have a raise to £5.82 from 1st oct, You got any jobs lol

£5.70! You would be better off on a checkout at Asda. If everybody gets paid the same same you may have trouble getting a pay rise. You can ask and say you like the job but cant live on the wages offered and will have to look for better paid work. Good luck.:)
I'm in the same situation as you, and it's not great but I love my job and wouldn't want to leave. An ex pupil who had the support of an LSA full time because of their needs got a job when they left school in a supermarket collecting trolleys and got paid more than the LSA!!!! Now to me thats not fair, don't get me wrong I think its great they are out working and earning a wage it just doesn't seam right that we get paid less.
If you accepted the pay was a bit low, then what is the problem, you're all doing the same job, regardless of qualifications, so why should you get paid different amounts?
yeah its hard i really love the job, and the kids, they are great at 3 and 4 but it makes me re think to another career, tho saying that as i do also have a family i really need term time work or i pay out my wages for child care ... what a pain
i have done the job for many years i know the job what is expected planning etc, i feel id ike the respect of my experience and knowledge.. all the courses do add up, or do i get the i dont care attitude and just turn up do 9 til 12 then leave, ...
Not my subject so dont know if this will help or not.#
The kids I used to babysit for used to have a child minder during the day. She used to pick them up about 7.30am take them home give them breakfast then take them to pre school then look after them in the afternoon give their tea and take them back about 6pm. I dont know how much she was paid buy she had 4 of them from well off families so I think she did quite well off it.

As I said I dont know if this is an option for you or what you would need to do as dont know much on the subject.
look on ur councils webiste..i know my local council have a job search for 'term time' jobs only ....
good luck
Hi. The qualification may legally entitle you to carry out a job but doesnt necessarily entitle you to command a higher rate.

From a contract point of view you have accepted the hourly rate that was offered to you and its up to you whether you continue working for that rate. If you believe that you should be paid more then maybe try looking for a more senior position or one that requires experienced people like yourself, especially if you have several years experience.

Over and above this theres the geographical representation of your job and volume available. That is that someone at the other side of the country may be paid more for the same job than you because of the local job climate there. If there are many people the employer can choose from who can do the job why would they pay more when they can pay less or the same for someone else?

We all feel we should get paid more, and the pennies that we get are never enough (...mainly because those Bar Stewards at the top get it all!!!! ...sorry...ranting on there.)

Only time, experience and further advanced qualifications will put you on track for a position that commands more money. Then you're job will transform to a career.

Whatever you chose to do, good luck and I hope it works out for you. Cheers.
many thanks for your reply's it has given me time to think about it, do i sign the contract or not ...cheers
Maybe turn childminder, working from home, so great to be at home entertaining a small amount of children everyday and then get paid for it!

My childminder charges £2.75 per hour without food, but if you have say 3 of them a day thats £8.25 an hour in effect, better than what your on and no need to worry about childcare!
any more opinions what are you getting nvq3 child carer
My mum's on NVQ3 at the local preschool, and is on minimum wage

Shouldn't your pay be based on what you do, not how qualified, if i was doing exactly the same job as someone else, but they was getting more, then i'd be a little peeved
Well I'm a qualified level 3, have been working with children for over 7 years in various setting and in my current job I'm getting paid min wage, really enjoy my job but the pay it really sucks but I don't understand I thought the rates were suppose to be more.
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