curlbar and bench for weight training

    looking for a cheap but decent curlbar with or without weights, this is so i can do some decent bicep curls. Have already seen the one in Argos for £12 or whatever it was but just checking to make sure there aren't any better deals. Would also be loking for a decent bench for the chestpress, bench only, no weights needed. Thanks, LZ.:thumbsup:


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    have a look on ebuyer - they have a fitness section. Noticed a very cheap weight bench there yesterday - £110 or so.
    Might sort you out.


    Alternatively how about getting some dumbells, a lot of bicep exercises can be done with them

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    thanks, the bench on ebuyer is now £50, dunno whether that was the one you're on about but it's the only one i could see, i do have dumbells but with the heaviest at 4.5Kg, it's not really doing me much good as i can do several sets of 100 quite easily, I have however got a barbell where i do curls of about 30Kg but after really feel my wrist ache and have since been told that's due to the lack of a curlbell which is what i'm now looking for. still want to keep the barbell in service however which is why i'm looking for a relatively cheap bench. Thanks for the replies.

    Do you have a budget?

    If you can spare £100 to buy something ]like this, you wont regret it. As you have a barbell free weights and dumbells, the amount of exercises you could do is very extensive. If you need any advice with exercises, i'll be happy to help!

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    anything like that for less?

    Empire stores have a Marcy Weight Bench at £79.99 but there's a 40% off code PG3377.…ce=

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    that's excellant solidus, thanks a lot, same goes for every other poster who's helped, really, much appreciated. any more input would be very welcome for others out there looking for benches, but there are 2 good'uns here already.
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