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    Hi everyone, I'm hoping for some advice on where to purchase currency for my holidays in a few weeks. I bank with Natwest and Halifax and depending on who I speak to, I get different suggestions ...
    I am visiting Czech Rep, Austria, Slovenia and Italy - should I take euro or sterling travellers cheques? I have been told both...

    Where's best to buy from?

    Thanks to any one who can offer advice, esp if you've been to these places and know if its easy or not to change traveller's cheques. Any thoughts are much appreciated...


    you should take some currency and the bulk in travelers cheques.

    Don't know about where to get them tho I normally use the post office for currency.

    Remember to split the money so that if you have a bag / wallet stolen it dosen't all get nicked (travelers cheques should be easy enough to cash anywhere that you will be going)

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    ok cool thanks, any thoughts on euro or sterling Trav Cheques?

    Buying from Travelex online and collecting at the airport is a good option as they offer just about the best rates.
    When I went to Prague local banks gave me a better rate than anywhere at home for my cash sterling

    are you going by flight?

    If you've got time open up a Nationwide Flex Account & use your debit card as you get a far better rate of exchange with no charges. It's also worth getting their credit card (I use mine just when I go abroad) as you get the same rates as your Flex Account. Back in July I got charged an exchange rate of 1.47 to 1.48.

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    yes I am flying. Travelling around, few nights in each place and a week in italy. One issue is that Czech Rep and Slovenia are not euros so I have to think about them too for currency!

    Thanks for the suggestions so far I will look into travelex and also the nationwide, sound like good rates. Natwest is currently only 1.41.

    Using my maestro abroad is also a possibility, tho there is a 2.65% charge and also 75p per transaction.

    Interesting to note that "Prague local banks gave me a better rate than anywhere at home for my cash sterling" ....

    Does anyone have any idea about finding out about what rates you can get in specific countries for your sterling? Online possibly? I had a look but couldn't find out.

    Cheers all

    Have a look on MSE ] as there's loads of stuff on there about travel money.:thumbsup:

    Forgot to mention zero charges with Nationwide Visa Card

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    thanks for the help everyone. much appreciated
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