Found 24th Apr 2007
Hi there.

Looking to get some Euro travellers cheques + a small amount of Euro notes.
Any ideas of the best place to buy these online and get delivered.
I know the Post Office do it but there not always the cheapest.


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This maybe of interest, depending on how much you need and when you need it for.

][COLOR="Red"]Crown currency.[/COLOR]

Not sure about online but travel agents will do them obviously, but if you get a rate in one shop around and see whos is the better one. For mine i went to first choice got a rate but then said we will come back after checking the post office, she immediately said she could match that.

marks and spencers always beat the post office, and its commission free.

i agree with Lu - M and S every time!

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travelling on Saturday so can't use the crown service.

M&S sounds good but you cannot pay online using a Visa - some techie problem and my nearest M&S exchange is miles away.

Thanks for the replies.

Have a looksie at good old MSE:thumbsup:

If you are in London, head to Edgware Road (Marble Arch tube station). The currency dealers there will normally offer rates up to 10% better than any retail outlet (Post Office, Thompsons etc). I recently changed some dollars and they offered me a rate 1 cent inside of the official bank rate with no other charges (ie. if official rate is 2.00, i got 1.99).

You don't really get travellers cheques anymore, they are being phased out. American Express now do a travellers cheque card, all the same protection that the cheques had but just on a card. You withdraw your cash from ATMs, however be aware that there is a charge for every withdrawl so best to take the maximum daily amount to keep the charges to a minimum.
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