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Found 24th Apr
Where is the best place to buy Currency? I’m off to Prague next week. Where is the best place to get currency ideally with free delivery and 0% commission. TIA
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Wanting 0% commission etc etc is the wrong thinking. What you want is the most FX in your hand for your £s. Shop around.

Check your Debit & Credit cards. Some offer far better exchange rates than carrying cash (some of which you may end up converting back at a further loss).

Bit late for next week but the Halifax Clarity card is excellent.
Halifax Clarity CC is amazing.

Otherwise try something like this:- I ended up using no1currency I think.
Check the link here via moneysavingexpert
It gives great comparisons + you can choose collection or delivery at various places
use MSE, then give a call to your local travel agent or foreign exchange place and they normally match it.
I used mse. Thomas cook came back the cheapest followed by debenhams and asda.

I shopped around for a while and kept checking the rates.
A few years ago I think airports used to give a terrible rate, the last 3 or so times I've been away I've collected at the airport. The big thing is to book it at least 24 hours in advance otherwise you'll get an appalling rate.

I think Moneycorp is the company I normally use. I noticed on the comparison sites, when changing up £300-£500, they're normally about £2-£4 less than the best (I've used Debenhams, Tesco & Sainsburys before, they normally give a good rate). But when you take into account the time it takes to drive there, park and collect whilst the kiosk is open it's not really worth the couple of quid extra you're going to get in my opinion. But maybe I'm just lazy..
If your getting from high street reserve online then go to collect it. That way you usually won't pay commission, but check. I know Thomas Cook don't. I wanted some notes and locked it in last week when rate was slightly better. If I'd left it till this week I'd have got £10 less due to worse exchange rate.

I have a pre load fairfx card and add money when rate is good, so long as I don't use it at a ATM i get no other charges. starling bank is OK with no charges but only gives you exchange rate on the day which could be low.
Another vote for the Halifax Clarity CC... or you can open an account with Metro Bank and use their debit card inside Europe and not pay non-sterling transaction fees.

Also, before travelling do check whether the ATMs in the destination country charge for withdrawals... it varies per country and bank/banking networks.
Try ACE-FX rates are good. Delivery and collection options available too
Many thanks for all your replies. Halifax CC has got a high vote plus offers very good rates. Ordered one should receive it in few days.
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