Currency exchange

    I am going to the USA in August and wondering if I should change my money up now before there is hung parliament (?)

    Anyone know the best place to change up GPB to USD?

    Am i making the right move?



    I get mine from M&S - usually good deals in there.

    Might be an idea to get half now, half later which will hedge against fluctuations somewhat but unless you're taking thousands, it won't make that much difference if the exchange rate moves up or down a few cents anyway. A hung parliament is not guaranteed but will not cause sterlng to crash to the floor in any case.

    M&S used to be good, not so much now apparently. Just keep an eye on the High St travel agents or the Post Office even. You can haggle at some places, my mate got an extra cent by asking at the Co-op the other day. Don't buy it at the airport with your credit card, you'll get stung there.
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