Currency Exchange $ to £

    I need to exchange a couple of grand from US$ to £, obviously the rate isn't particularly favourable at the moment, where am I likely to get the best deal on this?





    It's pretty much 2-1 at the moment, $2000 will give you about a grand in sterling. Unless you need it immediately, I'd wait for the dollar to strengthen against the pound before exchanging. The pound is at it's strongest for about 25 years I think, it's bound to start to weaken eventually...

    Failing that advice, try, it's the most popular currency conversion site on the net :thumbsup:

    Hi, I am taking my g/f to the States later on this year and willing to exchange with you. We can cut out the middle man or woman!

    Let me know if you're interested and we can discuss and agree the exchange rate.

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