Current Cheapest Price for a 80GB PS3?

    Am looking to buy a PS3 brand new, 40GB size, so any indication where the cheapest price may be? I'm also looking for bundles with games or other items so if you know of any other good bundles then please inform me.


    *EDIT: Seems 40GB is out of production, any help with the 80GB model instead?


    Would be hard to find a brand new 40gb these days. They stopped making them a while ago now.

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    AAARGGHHH I just checked and realised that, stupidly I presumed that they must have 40GB AND 80GB, but it seems 40GB is out of production. My mistake.

    Anyways, so how about 80GB model? Cheapest price/bundle?

    google 80gb ps3 uk prices

    Seems to be around £280 with infamous pack:…tml
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