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Found 12th Sep 2008
Been with Sky for 3 years, hard drive has packed up in sky+ box, rang sky to cancel (have basic subscription plus 2 addon packages no sports or movies, sky talk and sky broadband max) Initially they offered free call out to fix sky+ box, then i said that I had been considering the freesat hd, guy went away then came back and offered Sky HD box for £149 plus £60 installation.
I said that was too much and he went away again and offered the box for £99 and £60 installation, said I wasn't really happy paying £60 for installation.
He then went away and then came back and confirmed the cancellation.
Can i get a better deal than this or is this the going rate, will SKy let the cancellation go through or will they try to keep my business?

anyone any experience of this?

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We just got it for £99 inc.

Search the forums, there is a thread on it I believe

We just got it for £99 inc.Search the forums, there is a thread on it I … We just got it for £99 inc.Search the forums, there is a thread on it I believe

Were you an existing customer, what package did you have, did you go through cancellations or another dept?
Checked the other threads but slightly different from my situation.
sky are as much use as a chocolate fireguard, they lov enew punters and dont reward loyalty

get one under your lasses name
DOnt know of any new deals but the same thing happened to me, phoned up to try and get SKY+ for nothin by threatining to cancel got them down to £99 plus installation, I said it was to much and the next thing they said was OK we will just go and cancel it for you then.

Got the missus to sign up in her name 2 weeks later in currys for £49 in a deal they had on but to be honest we are getting rid as it is gettingto expensive.
Has anyone managed to get Sky HD without paying the £10 a month subscription.

My wife has come home from work and someone she works with rang them up after hi Sky+ died and after some negotiation is getting HD in a months time with no subscription but he had to buy the box for £99.

Just wondered if anyone else has had this kind of offer - I refuse to pay the extra tenner and am hoping at some point they have to drop this charge.

sky are useless, had been waitin 3 weeks to get BB and Phone Line installed through them. got fed up of waiting and their excuses, that I cancelled the whole lot on monday then signed over to Virgin XL package for £49per month (1st six), then £56 for next 6.

This includes line rental as well, not not bad at all! :thumbsup:
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