Current warranty situation on camera (amazon)

bought a £200 lumix from amazon on the 10th of November 2008 and today it has stopped working. It simply says memory card error. Even when there's no card inside.
I'm 3 months outside any standard 12m warrranty but wondered if anyone knew if I was still covered as I think I remember talk here a while ago that the eu had an electronics 3yr warranty. Or did I imagine that?



Amazon will probably exchange/refund anyway - They're superb when it comes to faulty goods.

If purchased in Mainland Europe or from a European Manufacture, most electronics are supplied with a 2 or 3 year warranty. In UK, its just one year.
Amazon will not be bothered, you could try Panasonic and see how generious they are in helping. Usually a sob story may work Ie: "used panasonic for years", and so on.

Contact Amazon, tell them the situation and they might surprise you. If they don't, then contact them again reminding them of their obligations under the Sale of Goods Act, i.e products should last a reasonable time. (Never go in guns-a-blazing at first. Leave that until later. ;-) ) Your argument is that a £200 Lumix camera should last longer than 15 months. You might be better off asking for a repair as it's unlikely they'll respond to requests/demands for a replacement or refund, but they might. However, it's their choice and I fear you'll have a battle on your hands, possibly requiring you to get independant reports to support any claim that the camera is faulty.

Your first port of call is always the place you bought the goods. However, if all else fails, then sometimes the manufacturer may as a gesture of 'good-will', like peter_griffen says, offer to repair/replace. But they don't have to.…tml

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thanks everyone, I really appreciate it
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