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Found 25th Jun 2014

today I received an email form Currys that says Brazil has scored 7 goals= £35. However I think it should be £40 because of the wording they use in their T&C of what goals count. As per Fifa (link Below)it was Marcelo (which is a member of the Brazilian team) who scored the Goal. In their T&M it does not say own goals do not count. Its only sates that penalty shootout will not count.

So what you guys think?


Currys T&C states the following:

3.CASH PAYOUT 3.1.The cash payout shall be calculated on the basis of £10 for each goal scored by the senior men’s England football team or £5 for each goal scored by the senior men’s Brazil football team during open play (as defined below) during the FIFA World Cup 2014 competitive matches in Brazil between 12th June 2014 and 13th July 2014.
3.2.Open play is defined as the first 90 minutes plus injury time and extra time. Regular penalties and own goals from an opposing team will count but, for the avoidance of doubt, goals scored in a penalty shootout will not count.


Its says own goals from an opposing team count. Which presumably means own goals from your own team do not count.

No. It is 7 goals get over it. You're wrong.


So let's get this right. You bought an overpriced product from currys in the hope you'd get loads of money back. Even if they'd scored 40 goals, you'd have still over paid!

Hmm, good point. I've now written this out several times now lol but, yes I do see that they don't appear to have a stipulation that says the Brazil team's goal has to go towards their goal count. However, that said the whole purpose of the cash for goals thing is, you get £5 for every goal that Brazil has, not what they've given away to another team so I doubt you'd get any where trying to get an extra £5. As the score is 7 goals for Brazil and no doubt it will have something regarding that elsewhere in the T&Cs.

For the five pound you're trying to claim, I wouldn't waste the paper, time, or fuel trying to contact and debate with them. I feel you are tryin to get by on a technicality and the implied bits are that own goals from Brazil don't count.

You're just being pedantic
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