Posted 6th Nov 2022 (Posted 3 h, 51 m ago)
Has anyone bought kitchen appliances like washing machines etc from Currys on Ebay?

Looking at a lot of items they are marked grade b and the pictures are clear of the damage which is scratches or dents but can’t understand why only a 3 month warranty or at least not the remainder of the manufacturers warranty 

So wondering if these have been broken returns then repaired rather than shop soiled goods 
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    They can give whatever warranty they want on B grade personally I would avoid unless the savings were significant
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    Ask them - I'd guess they have standard terms on their ebay sales but I cant see why the manufacturers warranty wouldnt apply.

    I've bought damaged appliances from various sites and never had an issue registering for manufacturers warranties. eg Got a miele heat pump dryer half price because of minor damage.

    I'd caveat that though that I wouldnt choose to buy from curries based on my experiences in store (edited)
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    Not bought anything big from them but bought a few unopened damaged box, one was small crease and other was looked like it had be squashed by 2 hands (inside was all fine). I would assume these are customer returns hence 3 months warranty.