Currys / Currys.Digital / Comet returns policy ?

Found 24th Jun 2008

What happens if you brought an item from Curry's / comet and lost the receipt , would they give you gift vouchers? or would you be stuck with the item
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Depends how you bought it?
If bought with a debit/credit card, then you do have proof of purchase with card receipt or statement.
If however you have nothing, then the worst case would be a big fat no. Stuck with it. Just depends on what it is and of course the attitude of the staff there.
Depends. If the item is faulty, you don't legally require a receipt to get a refund on it, but with having no evidence to prove that you bought it from where you bought it from, you've got zero legal power, either. You can't take them to small claims with no evidence to back you up, afterall. You can potentially use a ministatement as some sort of evidence, although whether a shop accepts it or not is up to them.

If the item isn't faulty and you just didn't like it enough to keep it, you're probably SOL. Where shops offer a X-day no-quibble returns policy, it all bears upon the date of purchase. This date, natch, is available on the receipt. With no receipt, even though it is technically a breach of contract to not allow a refund if one is offered as part of the terms of sale, you've no evidence to prove that you did buy the specific item anyway, so no power legally to do anything about it.

All of which means that if you want to get anywhere, you've got to look exceptionally pathetic, and try to get served by someone who looks like they might sympathise with your immense mongoness. This tactic usually serves me well.
in the case of instore: most sales are stored in the computer system and Eclipse can cross reference by name, address, card details etc, so if your nice to the salepeople they should be able to find the sale in the system, credit card and driving licence is handy to take if you have lost a receipt, so you can say 'look, its my card, the card details match yr system'
with comet if you can tell them exactly what day you bought it and how u paid they can check hubby did this only 3 montsh ago
No receipt - no luck mate

Youd have to contact the manuafacturer direct for any help
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