Currys eGift card balance disappered and no one to help!

Posted 30th Dec 2020
Anyone else experienced the torrid purchasing process of using an eGift card with Currys?

I had used my work scheme to buy £1500 (3x£500) in eGift cards ready for a new TV and tumble dryer. The basket was ready - TV to be collected and TD to be delivered in a couple of weeks. All 3 cards were added, looked fine with the balance and clicked to purchase. The wheel of death happened and was told something along the lines of 'Unfortunately checkout cannot happen at this time" I tried again. Same again.
On trying a different process to buy separately I was told the eGift cards no longer had any value and their balances were £zero!

I'm now stuck nearly £1,500 down and no one to speak to. Tweeted (included Martin Lewis), Facebooked messaged and even started a Resolver claim. No people to speak to on the phone and their live chat on the site is pointless. Their guide says to wait...but it's now been 3 hours. Apparently this happened back on Black Friday.

Can anyone with experience help or advise what happened to them?!
Thanks in advance
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