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Found 5th Jul 2007
I bought a TV online at Currys - a 27" LCD which is HD ready. This was in October. On Wednesday I switched it on, no picture just sound, and smoke from the back of the set. Something seriously wrong.
I called them, the Tech guys called me today, and they are only picking up the TV next Tuesday (6 days later) and it won't be fixed at home.

Now if the TV can not be fixed, and it is still in the year guarantee, what do Currys do? Do they offer me a refund, or a similar TV.

And how similar a TV do they offer as I want a main set which is HD ready so it is future proof like the one I had. If they offer me a smaller TV, say 23", or one that is not HD ready, is this fair.

Advice and experiences would be gratefully received, thanks.
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Depends, Currys are part of DSG which refunded me when they couldnt repair my PC, takes a few weeks though, prob best to get a refund if they have dropped in price a fair bit as you can get a new set, new warranty and some cash.
Thanks that was what I was hoping for, as I don't want to get stuck with dodgy TV or one they think they can give to me without them thinking it is not what I want. Just a few days earlier saw some nice ones in John Lewis in the sale, and 5 years guarantee.

I hope they are quick fixing it - 6 days to wait for them to collect and no offer of a loan TV. Fortunately I have a 19" as a spare.

I took a phone to Carephonewarehouse to be fixed - they took 10 days to work out they needed to send to Nokia. Got a cheapie loan phone, but at least I have a service.

Considering the smoke from the back of the TV, I don't know if it is terminal. Only good thing was I was in the room at the time to notice.
What kind of tv/model was it anyway.

I saw a 32" refurbished Samsung widescreen LCD HD ready tv for £300 or £350 with freeview. Its where I got mine from which actually seems brand new.
If it was smoke from the back then it could be something simple like a blown capacitor which can be easily fixed. Hope you get the result you want.:)
Usually they give you vouchers for how much the TV is worth.
It is a 27inch Pentus LCD HD ready TV - though with the picture gone it is now a DAB radio.

Yes, who are Pentus apart from a brand the DSG thinks up to differ to Matsui, Goodmans and the rest.

Having to watch 19 inches for a week is going to be tough. Hopefully they will be quick with a repair or vouchers. I wonder why they don't examine it in my home though?
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