Posted 31 December 2022

Currys free £100 gift card, Google Pixel 7 only. Offer runs 16/11/22 – 29/11/22

please let us know if you haven't received Currys £100 gift card.
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  1. Thomthom's avatar
    I have spoken to carphone warehouse 03701116565 today, and it's been escalated to complaints, and apparently I will get a email by end of day today, and £100 gift card within 7 days,
    If I get email today I will let you know,
    But I'm not holding my hopes up.
    Thomas_Frost's avatar
    Did you every get the email by the end of the day?
  2. Rian_Solman's avatar
    Just received mine at 7:10PM 06/01/23
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  3. DrBubbles's avatar
    Nothing yet from Tried their webchat and was told:

    We have received communication that we may need to allow up until the 13th January 2023 for the £100.00 Currys voucher to be sent automatically to the nominated email address.
  4. Thomthom's avatar
    We all need to contact ofcom
    Thomas_Frost's avatar
    I will be, I'm currently writing a complaint email to as evidence of raising this issue as far as I can with written evidence. I'm not sure about anyone else but every time I use the webchat function and request an email transcript, I never receive it. I did copy and paste the last webchat attempt into word and will be including it within this complaint to show the sheer incompetence.
  5. Thomthom's avatar
    Hi thanks for getting in touch. I am sorry to learn that you have not received your £100.00 gift voucher. Looking into your order I can see that this was placed on the 26/11/2022 and the promo ended on the 29/11/2022. Referring to the promo details, it says:

    Offer runs 16/11/22 – 29/11/22 or whilst stocks last.

    Get a free £100 Currys Gift voucher included with purchase of Google Pixel 7 only.

    Offer applicable to Currys,,, or Digital voucher will be sent to customers nominated email address 30 days post the end of the promo.

    This means the issuing of vouchers for all qualifying customers will only start after 30 days post the end of the promo. Hence, our promotions team will start to issue these vouchers to all qualified customers on 30/12/2022. This would take 7-14 working days starting on 30/12/2022.

    Until then we will not be able to escalate this since the team is still within their time frame. Should you have any further questions, please let us know. -P. (edited)
    sinkyboy2000's avatar
    Little bit of a pain, but at least looks like we'll get the vouchers.
  6. redman's avatar
    E2save told me that they had to extend the period by 15 days and I will now receive the voucher on 13th Jan. Said there was nothing they could do to generate the voucher earlier. I'm guessing any decent sale prices at Currys will be over by then
  7. StevenRathband's avatar
    Got mine now after several calls to currys
  8. Richierea's avatar
    I was about to call but then noticed an email with the gift card. So received it without any chasing.
  9. bozo007's avatar
    Who is "us"?
  10. Thomthom's avatar
    Us is everyone that has not received gift card
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    Maybe continue the discussion in the original deal thread so that everyone follows it? Not everyone pops into Discussions.
  11. Pigex's avatar
    I take it nobody has received theirs yet?
  12. PonJaul76's avatar
    You buy the phone from curry's and get the voucher or get a curry's voucher if you have bought the phone from elsewhere?
    Pigex's avatar
    The deal has expired. It was active in November, but the vouchers were supposed to be sent out 30 days after the deal ended. This was valid for Curry's and sister companies carphone warehouse and
  13. Thomthom's avatar
    Has anybody received Currys £100 gift card yet
  14. Thomas_Frost's avatar
    I have not received anything and I've tried Webchat support twice, called twice, and each time they either say someone will be in contact within 24 hours (they never are), or they put me on hold and then put down the phone. Each time I've been polite and calm but I'm losing patience with the process now. I've probably put in about 2 hours of explaining the situation, waiting on hold etc. and it all seems very scam-like now. 
    StevenRathband's avatar
    Ditto,same experience
  15. HellRazer's avatar
    Good old Currys. Pleases me that they never change
  16. Mrsmidge67's avatar
    Not received my Currys gift card either
  17. Louise_Andrews's avatar
    I purchased my Pixel 7 through on 18/11/22 and haven't received my Currys voucher as yet.
    Thomthom's avatar
    Email with all your information,
    Hopefully you will get a response, if you do please keep us updated.
  18. Thomas_Frost's avatar
    I would argue that the promotion we bought into says - 'Digital voucher will be sent to customers nominated email address 30 days post the end of the promo'... not 'Our team will start processing the vouchers after 30 days and you will get them 7-14 days after the processing starts.'

    I've just submitted a complaint via resolver as a few of my friends have had luck through that before after struggling against Curry's lack of customer support. Maybe a voucher will pop into my email over the next 2 weeks but I'm not confident!
  19. Thomthom's avatar
    Another email this time from carphone warehouse,
    Thank you for your recent e-mail and apologies for the delay in our response.

    Kindly be advised that a digital voucher of £100 will be sent to you 45 days post the end of the promotion.

    If you have any further questions please reply to this e-mail.

    Kind Regards,

    Carphone Warehouse
  20. YY_L's avatar
    Same. Discussed on webchat and the person said they aren't able to check the details on the item. Said they would share to the dedicated team and advised me to go in to a Curry's store...I really doubt the store would know about an online offer.
  21. avocadobean's avatar
    Searching for this info myself. I've got it in my calendar that I should have the voucher by 13th Jan. 45 days from the offer closing. I've a screen shot to verify as I doubted I'd ever get one. The terms and conditions state whilst stocks last so they can wiggle their way out etc.
    If people are receiving theirs then there is still hope I guess.
    For those who have got theirs, what are the terms and conditions of the voucher? Minimum spend and time frame to spend in/valid until?
  22. Thomthom's avatar
    Hopefully everyone will get it,
    I ordered my phone just before the deal ended,
    So fingers crossed.
  23. illy1965's avatar
    I've just been on their Web chat and the person I spoke to said that he'd escalated it and I should be receiving the voucher asap, told them I'll be back in touch if I've not received it in a week. Good to see that others are getting their vouchers so I'm not too concerned now
  24. avocadobean's avatar
    Just got an email saying I've got an e-gift card. Hadn't even emailed or gone on web chat etc.
  25. Thomthom's avatar
    Yes me too
  26. j1mgg's avatar
    Can anyone confirm who the voucher is issued by, as we have an email, and technically expecting it, but the domain is private listed, and not a lot of info on it?
  27. Thomthom's avatar
    Hi it's issued by Currys
    j1mgg's avatar
    Ah, we have an email from (haven't checked the true sender yet as it is my wife's email), and an egift card link for
  28. dealtime999's avatar
    Did anyone else buy from and still not received their voucher yet?
  29. Aday_Toledo's avatar
    Hi I bought pixel 7 pro with vaucher some months ago but it never came what should I do
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