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Found 17th Feb 2010
I was in curry's the other day, looking at some iPod docks. After finding the one I wanted, I had a quick look online via my phone, and it turned out Argos sold it for half the marked price of Currys. So I asked if they would price match it if they were local. He said yes, as they were 5 minutes from the argos store.
So we were waiting for 10/15 minutes easily, before he came back out and said that he couldn't get through to them.
So I then said to check the stock levels online, as argos offer such a service. He then disappeared again, and 10 minutes later came out with a piece of paper printed from online.. which showed the product I had just priced up online via the Argos website as being the exact same cost as Currys. Which was complete BS. I went off to argos and got it from there after all that.
Clearly it had been edited or something. Argos don't have any products by the name on the paper they showed. Pretty sure it was the same code as the one I was looking it.
Very sneaky. If you don't want to offer a price match service, then don't. Grrrrrrr...

Just a heads up. Don't expect them to price match much!


I did it once at currys with a camera and they look online with me at the till and did the price match plus the 10%.

So youur loca currys must be quite bad, Which store was it ?

why didnt you just get the page on your phone again....give them the exact product name and tell him to go check again.......:?

The one near me is shokcing when it comes to this...they alawys say its out of stock locally and online....even when I showed it on my phone they said that they had to prove it.....what tosh...but then another one I have been to a few times in Harlow is top notch they always price match....I guess it depends on how tight the manager is!
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