Currys installation of integrated Beko fridge/freezer

Posted 21st Apr 2022
Late last year i bought a Beko fridge freezer from Currys & paid for them to jnstall it.

Over the weekend we noticed a light crunching sound when opening/closing fridge door.
On closer inspection we found that the bar which attaches the fridgefreezer to housing door is starting to split.

I contacted Currys who referred me to Beko. Beko are sayjng its not their issue....its an installation issue.
I contacted Currys & they are saying its not an jnstallation issue as it would have come to light sooner than almost 4 months down the line.

Beko eventually agreed to send the part that attaches fridge freezer to the door but they won't install it & Currys are adament its not their installation at fault. I can't install it myself.

I am looking for advice on what to do next. I would have thought Currys installation would have had some sort of guarantee on workmanship.
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