Currys Insurance Coverplan advice...Plllease.


I tend to take out extra coverplans when I know the item if things went wrong with it...repairing it would be costly....usually more than than the item itself!

So I bought the Currys coverplan! However a while back I was using my camera at an event...and when taking some snaps the person in front of me accidentally pushed into me....and there my camera went! Now its got a cracked case and broken screen.

Will this be covered? Not sure whether to put a claim as have heard sometimes they refuse it due to negligence? But I was not at is it worth it?

What should I say so I can get it repaired but best even replaced?!


What ever is covered should be in your insurance documentation

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I know that....but it states:

The cost of repairing or replacing a product which fails because anyone neglects, abuses or misuses the product.

So just unsure if I would be covered.....

surely its classed as accidental damege?

Surely you would be better off making a claim under your contents insurance, say you dropped it at home rather than out of the house.

I don't think Curry's Coverplans cover anything other than faults with the products, I may be wrong though.

Yup. The Negligence means for product failure - not accidental damage. Either go with your contents insurance or ask the guy who knocked you to pay for it.


I've got Whatever Happens cover from Currys with regards to my LCD purchase, if it's the same policy it covers accidental damage.

I smashed my remote to smithereens, new one was sent out within 72 hours.

I don't know what policies they have at the moment but the coverplan used to cover accidental damage, that was one of the main selling points the staff were keen to push.

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