currys knowhow repair timescale - reasonable?

Found 12th Jun 2016

We had an appliance installed and working for just over 2 months (probably around 65 days). A function stopped working, so we arranged for their appointed engineer (farmed out to a third party) to come out and have a look around 10 May.

The problem cannot be fixed onsite - a part had to be ordered. Around a week later, I didn't hear anything, so called their 'customer service' to check status, but was advised their appointed repair company will get in touch once the part has been received.

Several weeks on and still haven't heard anything. The appliance works, but missing a functionality that should be there (which failed after 2 months' use).

Is this considered acceptable level of custimer service in regards to a repair?

Would it be unreasonable for me to insist on tem replacing the appliance (rather than a repair if they cannot source the part), considering a part failed just over 60 days/

Who would I ask for at Knowhow?



What is the appliance? Pretty sire currys have pretty bad cs but if it was for example an wahsing machine i would press for a replacement

They don't "farm out". The appliances are all warranted by the manufacturers and their back up team. A lot of companies cannot afford a team of service engineers because the costs of the Items are so cheap now they make a very small margin on the appliance. This is compounded by the cheap parts they have to use because of the cost to you. If it went wrong in 28 days you can get a replacement. if the product is not fit for purpose you can demand a refund / replacement within the year. There is a fine line to try to do the best economically by the manufacturer and taking back always incurs a lot of charges.
The question is really do you want to wait because I would ask for a refund if your not happy. I think 2 or 3 weeks is too long especially as they are not keeping you informed. If so phone their team and demand a refund

This is a good starting point for you:-
Consumer >Return faulty goods
Just answer a few simple questions on the page.
But that site also has other pages which could be of some relevancy to you. The trouble is you are part way through the process already. You have accepted a repair - so that part of the process may need to complete. But, if you feel this process is taking too long then you need to go back down the path and cancel this repair process BUT only with Curry's accepting you can now do this. Remember, your contract for the appliance was/is with Curry's - not the manufacturer and not their repair agent. So you should deal direct with the place you bought it from. If you paid by credit card then potentially you may also need to involve them also - but following the link I provide tells you all this. Good Luck.

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Thanks for the advice everyone.
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