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Found 18th Jul 2007
just caught a glimpse of a currys advert for a laptop for £150. dunno what kind tho...probably a fujitsu as they always seem to be coming down with them!

anyone else see the ad i seen? or am i going mental?
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Hope I'm not going mental too!
I only saw the end part of the ad, but I did see the price being £150 too.

It's probably going to be a low spec refurbished machine for that price, so I wouldn't get too excited
think it was u get a contract with something u get money off in currys
is it the broadband offer?
I think its the alternative to taking the laptop they offer you with the broadband... you can have £150 off any laptop in their range instead :?
Its very much like the PC world one already posted on this site. Its an Orange deal, and last time I looked it wasn't a particulary 'Hot' deal. You have to sign up to Orange Broadband for 2 years...although you can cancel, get your laptop then sell it on ebay for a profit...
who in their right minds would want orange bb for 2 YEARS!?
I saw the advert too, no mention of contract, broadband or refurb... it just said £300 off a F Siements laptop now £149... not sure when the price kicks in?
Just to confirm, I spoke to Curry's, this is the same deal as PC World... TV advert was very misleading!
Free with orange broadband i believe
It's £300 off the price of the laptop, making it £150, if you sign up with Orange broadband.

The small print at the end of the advert makes it clear that it's a two year contract you're signing up for.

I can't see why this has confused so many people?
Further clarification here


Nice that you can only get the laptop after line activation...
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