Currys launches nationwide ‘Quiet Hour’ to support those with neurodiverse conditions (Other stores listed also)

Posted 25th Jan 2023
After trial in the North West and Wales, Currys have launched a 'Quiet Hour' for those who deal with these Neurodiverse conditions, lnclude Autism , Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, and Tourette's syndrome.

Having a son who has Autism, and recently been into Currys, it was way too much for him, so i'm hoping as/when we visit again, things will be a lot calmer

For the first hour of the day until 11am, Currys will reduce noise in-store, keeping lights low and making sure there are no flashing screens to ensure a calmer place to shop.

Currys will also offer a sensory map of the store to help customers identify areas that may be a triggering environment.

To help support its new initiative, the group has also joined the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network, to give shoppers a discreet way to signify that they have an invisible disability and may need some help and extra time.

The Sunflower lanyards will be available for customers to pick up in any Currys store across the UK.


What is the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower?

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower enables people with non-visible disabilities to access the support they need. It acts as a prompt for someone to choose to let people around them know they have a non-visible disability and that they may need a helping hand, understanding, or simply more time.

Previously other stores have announced 'Quiet hour', which i've listed below, although they were a while ago now, so you may want to double check before you make a trip.

  • ASDA: Quiet Hour, Monday-Thursdays, between 2-3pm
  • Home Bargains: Quiet hour every Saturday, between 9am-10am
  • Morrisons: Quiet Hour, every Saturday, between 9am-10am
  • Selfridges : Quiet Hour in all its stores and office locations, every Wednesday from 10am -11am.
  • Superdrug: Quiet hour every Sunday, from opening.
  • Tesco: Every Wednesday and Saturday, between 9am-10am
  • The Entertainer: Every day, for one hour, from time of opening.

Also, discover Sunflower-friendly places

Search for places that support people with invisible disabilities. This is a space for you to plan days out to shop, travel or be entertained with the Sunflower by your side.
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  1. Avatar
    Does that also mean we don't get any Currys salesperson hassling me for my business whilst I'm browsing the store? 😁 (edited)
    I'll grab a lanyard for that
  2. Avatar
    Really good idea from them.

    However just hope during this quiet time they manage to stop the idiots that always seem to turn the speakers up to full volume when testing a tv or hifi! (edited)
    Oh that's really annoying. At one of my local stores I can hear it from outside.
  3. Avatar
    I mean this just re-enforces neurodiverse conditions. Instead of encouraging diversity or funding inclusivity they want your money because they know your neurodiverse self has money. 💸 💰
  4. Avatar
    As an autistic person myself I love this (I wouldn't say I "suffer" from autism as the wording in the description suggests, it's a disability not an illness / disease)

    My only gripe is the majority of these are in early hours of the morning or early afternoon which is okay if you don't work, work late or pop in on your way to work, but for those doing a 9-5 job it isn't available for those who wish to do their shopping after work. I currently work a 9am - 5pm job so this isn't ideal for me. The ones available on weekends are more ideal, but then again they're only available on certain days of the week.

    Credit to these businesses for actually having quiet hours for people who are autistic and / or have other disabilities though. Definitely a step in the right direction. (edited)
    That's a fair observation and of course not to offend. My son does suffer, even though an illness, and it can be difficult to deal with, but i will alter the text

    Yeah, i would also like to see it on later/selected nights, but it seems to be going in the right direction!
  5. Avatar
    I notice my local big tesco has a quiet hour as well. Perhaps its not new but coincidently noticed the sign today.
  6. Avatar
    If you've been a Currys lately you'll find most hours are quiet hours...
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