Posted 11th Dec 2022 (Posted 10 h, 22 m ago)
Dear All,
as you may aware it is possible to sell our mobiles to Pc Currys and they will pay cash.

I have a used Samsung S21 plus that has been evalueated 400£.
i have followed all the steps on the website and i have been send the prepaid box from them where i will need to put the phone in and send it to them.

As this is the first time I ever do.this,did anyone do this before?Any feedback?
Are they reliable?

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    Best done in store where you get credit across the counter.
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    Don't do this online as mentioned above. The number of people who had issues with the pixel trade in deals, would be enough to put anybody off. Glad I done mine in-store
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    oh gosh i wasnt aware of it..thank you.
    i will be better off selling off ebay and get less money..
    unfortunately in london the store are pretty useless and no one ever wanted to help when i needed something will be a wasted journey.

    thanks for the heads up
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    I did the trade in via Carphone warehouse for the Pixel 7 deal and got the £80 price for Pixel 4 + £100 bonus as advertised, just took a few weeks - just recommend sending special delivery rather than the “free” postage option
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