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So we went out to the pub on normal boys night in Chislehurst as we regularly do. (No homo)

Nearing the end of the night, the Bengal Lancer was selected as normal as the after drink curry eatery.

There were a couple of girlies. One was nice, the other quote was a bit of a moose (and clearly embarrassed at her mate). They seemed to tag along when we left uninvited. When we arrived the nice one sat with us (no one had a problem with that), while the other one annoyed other tables sitting on laps and ponsing drinks and eating whatever scraps she could. No one was on the pull. Just being sociable.

Anyway... the food turned up - and this mare decided to eat someones food whilst they were away from the table. It fact it was worse.. she just delved into anything that wasnt padlocked down. I would say, you probably know the sort....... but genuinely it took everyone by surprise.

Anyway... needless to say words were exchanged. She thought it was clever to start spitting food about. After being warned (after she'd done it numerous times) a mate said, do that again and you'll wear this curry.

Guess what!

So after stealing our food and drinks... she's screaming blue murder at what at happened. In the meantime she thinks its fine to go for my mate.. who ended with numerous scratches on his face and neck.

She insisted the police were called.... everyone was up for it and stayed. (The restaurant suggested we just went in case the police were stupid! We thought - no way - they'd be stupid!)

The long and the short.... the manager and the staff in the curry house... and everyone around, basically said "local tramp - trouble maker" etc....... but the tart alleged assault and the poor git is now in the cells!

Hmmm.. Tramp annoys customers... orders drinks on someones tab without permission... steals food.... spits food over all and sundry... has a mishap with a flying curry....assaults someone....cries about their £100.. oops.... £200... oops £300 jacket ... that she later tells the police is 4 years old and the poor git is arrested because an alleged assault has taken place. Hmm.. there was one.. but the wrong person (at the time of leaving) was arrested!

Great night out LOL

I wonder if he'll make the game he's refereeing tomorrow! (Com'on the wall! LOL)

Chin up mate...... Even the restaurant owners will be in court! (LOL)

What an old slapper!

How did your Friday night go?

PS you need to sort out the swear filter!!!!



sassies pretend drunk threads are funnier.

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sassies pretend drunk threads are funnier.

Oooh... Am I drunk..... Ta very much...

And you are up posting on a shopping forum at 1.54 because.....?

I wondered where my girlfriend had gone, sorry for any trouble.

Is that sort of night common where you are?

Ghastly stuff. A night in the cells cannot be very nice either.

Is that the time??/ Well I am off to bed then!

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I wondered where my girlfriend had gone, sorry for any trouble.

LOL..get rid if it is!


Is that sort of night common where you are? Ghastly stuff. A night in the … Is that sort of night common where you are? Ghastly stuff. A night in the cells cannot be very nice either.

I expect its common anywhere! We made the mistake of being too polite by saying "erm excuse me... but WTF do you think you are doing!

Bit shocked really. Chavy bint stealing food, annoying everyone.. spitting food.. physically assaulting... is now the victim!

I know how Amy Huston's parents must feel!

I hope it was all caught on video cctv/mobile or otherwise.

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I hope it was all caught on video cctv/mobile or otherwise.

The staff at the restaurant said it was... so the assault claim will very easily be repelled. (Though there were plenty coming forward to state what a nightmare they were!) Its funny 'coz I normally just go straight home. Tonight... it was curry frenzy!


great story ..

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great story ..

Don't you mean "cool story bro"?


Instant Korma gonna get her..............

Haha... indeedy.

Instant Chicken Tikka Massala!

He was a plonker for throwing the food at her...... but what do you do when a trollop wont go away and starts eating a mates meal who's absent from the table talking to someone? I guess she's not a good poker player as she thought it was a bluff! Obviously he's banged to rights for the curry throwing....but its hilarious that she's claimed he attacked her and grabbed her round the neck on 3 drunken sweary occasions. It was completely the other way round and 'Twill be interesting to hear what happened after we got in our cab...... in fact I'll text and find out! X)

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Got a call straight back from the text!

He was handcuffed and put in the back of the van. (They were doing what had to be done and the cuffs couldn't have been any looser he said.)

In the meantime, the coppers have gone in and spoken to the owner and waiters. It seems this trollop does this regularly. When they came out, whey asked her for a statement, which she decided "she didnt want to do at this time". I'm guessing it'd sank in that she could get done for theft and assault herself and that not only us, but other punters and the staff would all be saying the same thing....

So he was let out of the van and told "you'll get a phone call if anything is going to happen." This was at about 2am........ and one of the waiters then gave him a lift home - which pretty much sums up their views on what had happened and who was the wrong'un! My mate said, he'd rather go to court than pay for her coat - which I think it may well be what she will plea for to get it dropped. But she will end up being the bigger loser overall if she doesn't realise this.

So what happened on HUKD this Friday? X)
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