Currys Price Match... NOT!

Had to laugh, I went to Currys today as I've seen a TV I like, Sony KDL32S3000. Got good reviews etc... After hunting around online last night I found Dixons online have it for £479 + £10 off with a voucher code, so £469.

Anyway, thought I would pop into Currys, part of the same company, to see if they would match the deal. Bloody thing was £549 in store @ £150 off apparently! So I asked the assistant, he asks the manager, they check the Dixons price... "Well Sir we can do it for £529 sir", so I said why would I buy it from you for £60 more?, "oh, errrr... hang on...." Off he goes back to the manager... "Sir, we can give you a good deal at £499".

"Erm, thanks mate, but I think I'll go save myself the extra £40 and order it from another part of your company..."

I know their standard price match only covers local reatil stores but it's a bit silly. Anyway, their loss, bloody daft!


they are meant to price match plsu 10% of the difference i through. What a joke!


they are meant to price match plsu 10% of the difference i through. What … they are meant to price match plsu 10% of the difference i through. What a joke!

i saw the PHILIPS 42PFL7962 with ambi light and 1080p on the dixons website fo £1299.99
looked around online at comet,dabs and amazon etc...
all same price give or take a tenner
so found a voucher code on dixons which gave me
42AMBI (£380.00 OFF)
and then
AW20 (another £20 off)
so only costing £899.99
quidco gave me another £27 off
and if i had an egg credit card another £45 off
so went to currys in leicester fosse park
lookin around the lcd televisions
not long before a sales assistant collared me
"can i help you sir"
so asked him if they sold the above tv
took me straight to it with a price tag off £1299.99
so i asked him a bit about the lcd
then came the question
i said to him "do you price match dixons"
"no sorry sir" he said "not even worth asking my manager
cos i know what he will say, how much is it at dixons" he said
"£899" i replied
"thats a great price" he replied
went to ask him something else and he had gone
obviosly new he wasnt getting a sale fom me now
didnt think they would match it anyway
but just wanted see what the tv looked like in real life
picture quality etc...
so icould of paid £1299.99 from currys or
£838 from dixons with voucher codes, quidco and egg card

Just buy it in Dixons then :?

what shops do they actually match?


Just buy it in Dixons then :?

i did get from dixons saving around £450.00
but dixons is online only now (web based)
so there is no stores
although there may be the odd one about in some cities and airports
but i do prefer to walk into a shop and walk out with it,
easier to return if its faulty and see the product in real life etc....


what shops do they actually match?

according to their web site
they price match the following
who do we price promise against?
Price promise applies to the lowest price offered by these retailers, whether that’s online or in-store
Argos Comet PCWorld Woolworths
B&Q Jessops Tesco John Lewis

They price matched a 160GB iPod classic with for me last month (£30 cheaper). I reckon it all depends who you get, and how polite you are... sometimes! ;-)
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