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Currys price match promise ? ? ? nonesense

Posted 17th Jul 2010
I have just been into my local currys store at around 12 today to ask them to price match with richer-sounds.

They said they were happy to do so providing the unit was in stock. They went away and came back and said richer-sounds didn't have any but they were willing to match their dixons price.

I rung richersounds 5 mins before I entered currys and they informed me they had 4 units in stock.

Its been bugging me all day so I rung richersounds (just before 5pm) - they told me they had just sold their last unit 10 mins ago.

Annoyed I decided to ring currys to lodge a complaint. they basically told me its at the managers say so whether they would do the deal or not. I understand that fact but why lie about the stock in another store?
Why state that they match any high street retailer within 30 miles.

Im convinced its because it would have under cut their price tag by £229 - so they decided not to bother.
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