Posted 8th May 2020
Hey there guys, anyone been able to get a refund in the last 5 weeks from currys as I am really struggling to get one,.I have been in contact with them non-stop since the 12th April as I didn't receive my order and they said unfortunately the items I ordered are out of stock, so they kindly offered to wait or for a refund. As they couldn't confirm a delivery date I asked for a refund. It has been 5 weeks and I have had non-stop communication with their customer service which is a third party company called TeamKnowHow and I have yet to have a refund be issued/processed. They keep throwing the same line at me that one has been requested but the online team has yet to respond to their request.

I have even seen news articles such as this online -…top so now I am getting a bit worried as it's an expensive order.

Any advice would be incredibl helpful thank you
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