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Posted 19th Apr 2007
Hi I want to buy a digital camera and want to go to a shop and get it (too impatient for online). The best price is Currys if I reserve it online and pick it up in the store.

My question is, how long does the reservation last? I need to pick it up tomorrow. Shall i reserve now or tomorrow morning. The site seems to contridict itself saying different things in different areas.

So anyone got any experience of this? rep waiting ;-)
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I have done this with PC World before (i beleive they are part of the same group?) and i didnt collect it for two days and it was fine.
Currys site states " Item must be collected by the end of the next trading day" hth. ;-)
I've done this - when you go through the online reservation process it tells you how long they will keep the product for. At the very worst you'll have to reserve it again if you do it too early - you don't pay for the item unless you actually pick it up, so you can reserve it & then forget about it if you want.

I reserved an item one day & went in the next to pick it up, with no problems.
Thanks for this everyone:) I will reserve it online now and pick it up tomorrow
ive reserved items and picked them up the next day with no problems.
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