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Currys TV insurance - voucher?

Posted 30th Jan 2021
Hi guys,

We bought a Sony oled 65" in June 2018 and it started showing red dot around the end of 2019 and this month, had moving line on the bottom of the tv. We called team knowhow and they took it. Got call within a week to be informed that they won't be able to repair it and gave us option of another tv which was about £850 less that our Tv's original price. Now, they have given us voucher for the same amount and I'm not sure if it's a good deal because first of all, I didn't pay that much amount for the tv to be unrepairable in less than 2 and half years and secondly, please tell me if I should keep the voucher or ask them for the same tv which they did say wasn't on stock but maybe they could check again?

My tv was sony bravia oled k65a1 and I paid £3249 and they offered me sony KD-65AG9BU £2399 similar to the voucher offered. I was paying close to £9 every month for insurance.

Any suggestions would be helpful
Many thanks in advance.
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