Curry’s website warning

Posted 2nd Jan
If you search for curry’s on google, the link seems to take you to add an untrusted prefix to the site address. Google warnings then appear that it is not trusted
I think curry’s / google has been compromised. I reinstalled my browser.
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Hey @complexcubed Just tested this and it works fine for me. Maybe your browser isn't liking a redirect to Currys via Google?
Seemed suspicious as I tried to log to another site and the browser (chrome) suggested I change passwords immediately..but of a coincidence after going on the curry’s site
have you run an anti malware scanner, could be hijacked? reinstalling the browser prolly wouldnt have got rid of anything like that
Working ok for me. I think you may need to check your device for malware. Try Malwarebytes as it is free to use.
Take @Biddy2 's advice ASAP, OP. Just as a precaution. Better safe than sorry...
Sounds like a browser hijacker
There's nothing wrong with the Currys website. Rather than point the finger elsewhere look at your own behaviour when using a computer and try to better understand the things you do.

Scaremongering because things seem untrusted isn't going to help anyone, despite that being your intention.
So either Curry’s have been hijacked or OP has been hijacked.. hmm I wonder who has the better I.T. Infrastructure...
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