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Curry's - What a load of rubbish!!!

Posted 23rd Jan 2009
Went in to curry's last night to get myself a slimline dishwasher - found one I wanted and asked for it. Was told "i'll just check stock" which said to me instantly that they didn't have any. Surprise surprise they didn't! Picked another (more expensive) model and they didn't have that either!

Phoned up to check stock in B'ham area today and was told there's no stock in the Birmingham area!! - Although I can have home delivery (no thanks!) OH works in Coventry so I phoned again to check Cov stock and was then told that these are not available for collection in ANY stores. I asked why the display models are there, and was told "this is so you can go and look at them before you buy online" - What a load of rubbish!!!!

I told the guy I wasn't willing to buy online with the company in the position that it's in and he suddenly went quiet and then wrapped up the call!!

Am i expected to believe that the new way of buying a dishwasher is to go to the store, look at it and then order it on the internet?!?!?!
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when i walk into any of the electrical shops hoping to buy i always ask what have they got in stock to take home today.
yep, they don't have an unlimited warehouse, most white goods that were in stock will have been sold to customers who came in before you after breakdowns etc, best finding out what day stock is delivered to th store, even then you're not guaranteed, usual wait is 3-4 days for delivery
Don't forget to pay with a credit card - equal liability
the problem isn't that it's out of stock though - they dont get a delivery - they have a model instore for you to "look at" and then go and order online.....apparently. :s

Anyway, it was on sale for £327 and I ended up getting it from Dixons for £291 delivered so I guess they did me a favour!!! lol
We went to buy a fridge freezer (ours had just broken so needed one quick), got the 'that one not in stock' answer, so I said I'd take the display one and got, 'I'm not selling that, it would make a hole in the display and we've got the area manager coming round' !!!
I remember a time when shops actually sold things . . .
Currys and Dixons come under the same parent company, so I can't understand why you would buy from for home delivery but not the other.

Currys and Dixons come under the same parent company, so I can't … Currys and Dixons come under the same parent company, so I can't understand why you would buy from for home delivery but not the other.

because I couldn't get it from anywhere else and it was cheaper at Dixons!
So Currys are really like Argos then, except that you can't buy anything in store. So why don;t Currys just have smaller stores with loads of catalogues that you order from.
Dsgi are not in a bad position and are not going to go bust.

they have virtually no debts and whats they do have will be paid off by a £400m bond that ends in 2010.

the majority of stores that sell white goods don't have them to take away cos the majority of people dont have cars big enough to transport them away from the stores.
and as was mentioned, the stores dont have warehouses big enough
they are separate entities which is why currys and pcw won't price match dixons, as they are not a high street retailer.
dixons are there to compete with the likes of amazon, play etc.
the currys and pcw web stores are there for convience of looking up products, home delivery and reservations, much like argos' site is.

you can still order white goods in the store for delivery but the majority of the stores dont have large items like cookers and fridge freezers etc to take away.

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