Curtain holdbacks?

    In my living room both my desktop pc and plasma tv are side by side right in front of living room window so the curtains are awkward and I want to tidy them up either by curtain holdbacks or those bits of fabric(can someone tell me their name) that wrap around the curtain then go onto a normal hook.

    I have a hook at each side of the wall where the curtains start.

    Or does anyone know any other good method to tidy curtains?


    there called tie backs, you can get them from B&Q, dunelm the range places like that.

    As above,or Ebay or Wilkinsons.

    Original Poster


    As above,or Ebay or Wilkinsons.

    I have a Wilkinsons around corner so thats lucky.

    Any idea on price though as googling them it seems expensive!

    Use dental floss. Or string. Or shoelaces.

    Are those more within your budget?

    We've got these metal ones which screw into the wall and look quite good!…htm

    The fabric ones from Wilkos etc are quite cheap, here are the ones they have online…ype
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