Curtains for a Square Bay

Posted 19th Jan
Do you buy 2 lots of curtains and sew them together for the gather for a 4m wide bay?

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Nope, you take a picture of the bay.
you discuss the drop & potential ways to hang the custom made length (if wanted)
Or ask for suggestions in dunelm for the low end prices of curtains (blackout lining optional)
Or further up the chain J.Lewis.
Use a compass (app) find out the direction (ANGLE) which gives the maker an idea of light fall /strength in relation to material / bleaching.

Do you want "partial privacy" via adjustable curtains to mix or a full / partial pull round (e.g. a mix of street / countryside that you may wish to block or expose whilst leaving light availability from other angles.

Doesn't take a rocket scientist, just a bit of observation, may want to consider TV in bright summer light being washed out by light...etc.
Hope that gives you an inkling as to what you might need
Thanks! I was mainly asking whether instead of made to measure I could purchase 2 pre packed sets to ensure they had gather. Wondered if anyone else had done the same
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