Found 16th May 2007
are they any good? unsure as whether or not to buy one

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Linky linky linky ;-) They sound good

I thought you were on about the childrens coforter there!. errrrm what are you on about lol?

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If only it wasn't pink :-(

my brother had one until my staffs ripped it to pieces,was very comfy tough.make sure its not too soft though,otherwise your head will just sink into it

not a pink one,another kind but very similar

You were quick to deny that! :-D

ah right yes we have some of them. mum has one that helps her get comfy in bed and Ankle muncher has one cos he loves the noise :roll:

I've had one for god knows how long, a friend got it me when they were first released and its still as comfy as ever. I'd recommend them


You were quick to deny that! :-D

:-D sure was :giggle:

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just ordered one..A PINK ONE..used my £1 voucher so got it for £4, plus quidco :thumbsup:

This is the one my daughter has, she loves it....…:-D

I got one at Christmas, it is dead comfy but it's 'nicked' to buggary and has tears and ladders all over it!

Ordered the breast cancer one, same price and helps a good cause :-D

When I saw this thread I thought - what's a cushtie?

Now I know, it's what I call a squiggy cushion!

See HUKD doesn't just save you money it educates too!! ;-)

Yes i got one in the last play sale, ended up with a blue one as the breast cancer one had sold out.

Its lovely to use on my back now that i am expecting!!
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