Custom Building a Desktop, any tips??

    Hi all, i'm hoping to build my own pc in the next few weeks as my laptop is now on its last legs. I've dismantled PC's back in college but its been a while and im not really sure on whats compatible with what, so can anyone recommend either a good website for pc parts or any tools that will help me with compatability?
    Thanks in advance!



    Recommendation: (1) Take money to shop (2) Buy Computer

    screw drive and lots of money, also how about explain what its going to be used for

    if your condident about building your own pc it will be alot better than buying from currys or places like that as you will have alot better specs than they give even dell, i was like u what i did was buy a few magazines, like custom build , once your up to speed and know what your doing its easy enough, i,ve built 2 pcs now, and no probs at all, i suggest you look at ebuyer,aria, dabs and places like that they norm have good deals on things,

    Despite what has been said above, you wont save any money building it yourself, in fact it can work out more expensive as sites like Dell can buy in such huge bulk they can buy so much cheaper than any individual can.

    I would buy a barebones from say Novatech.

    This comes with case, PSU, motherboard, CPU and memory so you know they work together.

    Then you can add hard disk and DVD drive (and anything else you want like graphics card etc).

    Novatech do barebones between £114 up to £584 so you have plenty of choice.…tml

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    i disagree totally, pick a any dell or currys/pc world machine, and match them like for like, on ebuyer or places like that, for memory, hard drives, etc etc, the motherboards u get with them are low end stuff, you can easily build it cheaper and get WAY better specs if i had the choice to get a cheaply built spec machine or build your own machine id go the latter everytime

    u can pick up a 1tb hard drive now for £40, 4gb memory for £40ish, motherboard for £45 for a decent one, graphics card for about £80-100 for a decent gaming machine, proccessor £60-100 again for a decent one, compare the specs with dell or currys, and i do mean check, as sometimes it doesnt even say what motherboard u get, (nearly always cheap one) and as for graphics cards they are normally built in, or u get a cheap model which if your a gamer isnt really ideal,

    just to prove what i mean, Your text here
    dell Inspiron 560 retails for £329, including delivery
    this is what u get for that £329 (in brackets is what u can get it for on ebuyer)

    Inspiron 560
    Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor E5700 ( 62.99)ebuyer
    Integrated Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X4500 Graphics (29.99)ebuyer
    2048MB Dual Channel DDR3 [2x1024] Memory (29.99)ebuyer
    500GB (7200rpm) SATA Hard Drive (30.99)ebuyer
    DVD +/- RW Drive (read/write CD & DVD) (14.99)ebuyer
    motherboard (33.30)ebuyer
    case (14.99) ebuyer
    psu (14.99) ebuyer
    windows 7 (£55 if needed if you already have windows disk then no need to buy)

    total price to build same specs = "£228 ish (without windows 7)
    so as u see the prices u get with dell can easily be built for a cheaper price abvioulsy u will have to be confident in building your own, if you not then its wise to buy from dell or places like that

    recommened you research everything you want first reviews,benchmarks if for gaming. self build is not only cheaper but you dont have to settle for this and that. you put in it exactly what you want to the only thing that limits you is your budget.
    when looking for a pc in places like pc world,currys etc i see the system specs then the price and laugh and say i could knock a third of that price and probably put better quality cards in.
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