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    Hello all. I'm after a new PC and after convincing myself I was going to either buy one of the excellent deal deals or one from the dell outlet I've had a change of heart. I'm after something half decent, including a decent case and PSU. A spec I've been looking at for example is the following;

    INTEL CORE 2 DUO E6600 1066FSB SKT775
    2GB DDR2 PC-5400 667 MHZ
    400 GB SATA HDD UDMA 300 7200 16MB
    ASUS SKT-775 P5B-E S/L 1066FSB
    ThermalTake CASE EUREKA VC8000BWA BLK
    ThermalTake W0103RB 600W TOUGHPOWER BLK
    4 X USB 2.0 PORTS

    That comes in at £663 plus VAT from computer planet but I've read some rather horrific things about the company/service. I know only the bad stuff gets posted but I'm open to other retailers.

    Another place I've found is who seem to have quite good prices but not as much choice.

    If anyone knows of anything other places where one can spec a machine I'd really appreciate a heads up. I want a PC that's kitted out with decent hardware from the ground up. As I said, I did consider a dell but on further reflection I think I'll do better to look elsewhere.

    I don't need a monitor so it's just a base needed (unless the monitor is included in some killer deal!).

    Thanks in advance.


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    CCL have a custom build service:


    05/12/2006 - CCL are the PC Pro Best Online Retailer 2006[SIZE=2]PC Pro - Feb 2007[/SIZE]

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    Thanks for the response. I've had a look at CCL and it's not what I'm after. I would build it myself if I thought I could save any money! CCL just sell you the components then ask you to pay them to put it together. Not what I'm after! The search continues I guess...

    if anyone knows any other sites please let me know. It doesn't need to be a total custom build, perhaps a bundle that you can add to. That kind of thing!

    Everyone will charge you for building the PC to some extent. Your best bet would be to buy Micro Mart magazine as they have hundreds of ads for this type of thing and you can sit and compare prices etc..


    CCL just sell you the components then ask you to pay them to put it … CCL just sell you the components then ask you to pay them to put it together.

    Sorry unclesomebody, I must have missunderstood you. Can you clarify what you're after please because I don't understand. I thought you specifically wanted a shop where you could buy the components from and then they'd build it for you?.

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    Sorry if I've been unclear. Clearly I could buy all of the components I require myself from ebuyer/scan/aria etc and build it. However, I want to do this for the lowest price possible! As far as I'm aware you don't get, say, a 15% discount if you spend over £500 with ebuyer. But, if I use a website like Computer Planet or PC Specialist then the cost of the custom computer is less than the sum of the price of all the individual components!

    I hope that's made it clear. Thanks for your help!
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