Posted 1st Feb 2021
Evening All

Just after some clarification, looking to buy some items from Ali express and banggood for some small items I need for smart home project.

the rules on clearly state no Vat, customs or fees are applicable for certain items and values

vat no applicable for gifts less than £39, and other goods less than £15.

Customs duty isnt applicable on goods less than £135.

I have seen few posts stating that people are being charged on items as low as £2 with requests asking for £8 as a fee before delivery even though nothing is due.

Can anyone confirm? As I would presume that anything on is true and accurate after all we are to believe everything they state during their evening live news conferences.

If have read it right I can order all the bits I need in individual orders as long as less than £15 I shouldn't pay anything extra. there is probably more chance of some items maybe going adrift but would rather make multiple orders of around £5-£12 and not incur additional fees but then concerned that companies like postal service are just trying to rip people off and circumvent the rules and then I have hassle of many PayPal claims and wasted a month to not receive anything

thanks in advance
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