Custom Firmware for PSP 3003 (Firmware 5.03)

    Has anyone hacked their PSP 3003? If so, can you provide guidance please?

    I've read up on the ChickHEN firmware, and it allowing the running of homebrew content etc. Does this include downloads of official games?

    Am I right with the assumption that newly released titles require the latest firmware 6.20, and therefore you have to wait for additional software to be released (and update your PSP again) before you can play these games?

    The whole process seems very long, complicated and never ending based on the limited knowledge I have. Would this thinking be correct? (If only there was an Acekard type device for the PSP!!)

    Would appreciate any information you could provide - I'm a total newbie! Cheers

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    Does this include downloads of official games?

    I don't belive that you can connect to the Playstation store with a hacked PSP.
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