Custom firmware on my psp, can anyone do it?

    ive recently bought a psp on here which has custom firmware on and works perfectly however i would like to see if i can get it on my other psp which is running system software version 4.05 and its a psp-2003

    can it be done and can anyone here do it?



    What is the date code in the battery compartment?

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    says date code 8A

    Yes, it can be done.
    It might help if you stated where you are, as someone nearby might be local to you.

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    im in leeds ls15

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    or im willing to post out but to only someone with really good rep who can be confirmed as being able to do it

    i can do it, very easy

    If you can't get someone local, I can send you the kit to do it yourself.
    You would need to pay postage both ways, and pay a refundable deposit.

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    I bought the kit to do it from Amazon for about £13 search for pandora battery. You will need to make sure it comes with the magic memory stick. I am rubbish with technology but took me 2 mins to do.
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