Customer Right Info urgently needed!

    Hi All,

    I have bought a Tuble Dryer from Comet - its about 5 months old. It started smoking at the weekend so instead of waiting 6 weeks for an engineer to come to my home I took it to the store and got them to call the engineer out, I also stated that as it was smoking I feel its dangerour and do not want it repair but replaced as I will never feel same with it on in the house.

    Anyway I just recieved a call from them saying the engineer was called and the front filter was full (I clear it everytime a new load goes in...) and that it was caused the smoke. (It was a lot of smoke and a loud grinding noise too)

    Basicly they refuse to replace it - do I have any rights to demand a new machine or are they within thier right as they have 'Repaired' it?

    Thanks to anyone how can help - I am off to the store at about 5pm to try to get a new one - any extra ammo I can get before then is greatly appreciated.



    The only thing you can do at the moment is get them to plug it in in store and check it's ok for you!

    Have a look at your warranty but after 5 months I should imagine that you will have to let them repair it.

    Things do go wrong and they should at least be given the chance to rectify the problem. As for the smoke, no Engineer in his right mind would leave any equipment 'unsafe'.

    Original Poster

    Thanks all, Went to the shop last night to get my 'Repaired' dryer, switched it on in the shop, smoke came bellowing out of the front and it and a loud grinding noise, the only person in the whole store who couldnt see/smell/hear anything wrong was the Customer Support person I was talking to (Others were complaining of burnt toast smell)

    Anyway a bit more moaning and saying I just was not going to take it back or wait another week for the engineer to see it got me a new one!

    Good for you, bet you are glad you tried it in the shop, you should have left it switched on until the CS person could not see you and then asked him where he went? :roll:

    Well done! :thumbsup:

    Can't believe the lengths you had to go to though!

    What these shops dont seem to realise is it only takes one unhappy customer to bemoan a particular store and it will make potential customers simply go elsewhere.

    Ending up in us, the customers loosing out to bad service and them loosing out on future sales.
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