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    I bought a football & a pump for it from sports world today in town.

    I got to the car & opened the pump to put a bit more air into the ball.

    It just started deflating & wouldnt inflate so I pulled it out only to find the needle had come out of the end & was stuck in the ball until it fully deflated. At this point the pump had been out of it's packaging for about 30 seconds.

    I went back into the shop about an hour later to take it back. They got the needle out of the ball & just chucked it in my bag & pumped the ball up.

    I asked about the pump as it had broke as soon as I used it & the ignorent cow said they won't do anything about it as it is my fault I snapped the needle

    She then offered to sell me another or some spare needles instead of giving me a replacement.

    Now it's only £5 but I can't see why their ***** products break within 30 seconds & I have to buy another. They only offer credit notes if you take something back, but they wouldnt give me one either, but should I be entitled to a full refund & be able to buy one elsewhere.

    I dont think she would have acted the same if I were an older adult & I couldnt find the manager so didn't get to speak to him.

    What would you do & what am I entitled to?



    You've just got to kick up a bit of a fuss, demand to speak to the manager, threaten them with trading standards etc. Does sound like the pump wasn't fit for purpose so a refund/replacement is in order.

    I would say if its faulty you are well within your rights to an exchange or refund. Ask to speak with the manager, if they are not prepared to deal with it ask for there head office details and call them. Usual there refunds policy is on the back of the reciept check and find out what it says. Failing that seek advice from Consumer Direct.

    Good luck

    Laws on your side mate.

    You are partialy at fault here as you are supposed to moisten (preferably with something like washing up liquid or liquid soap) the needle before inserting it to help it slip in and out more easily.…ing

    Your in the right :thumbsup:

    Half & half, you would have to prove it broke under its own "esteem" rather than something you did.

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the replies, I did moisten the needle in my mouth like they said to in the shop.

    How could you prove it though?

    If you are only after a replacement then they should have just done it without a fuss, it's only when you want a refund that these type of shops ( those that wrongly state no refunds) make it difficult.

    I would either go back and see the manager or phone the head office.

    Your statutory rights state that you should be able to use what you bought for it's fit purpose, obviously if it broke the first time then that is not good enough.


    Cheers for the replies, I did moisten the needle in my mouth like they … Cheers for the replies, I did moisten the needle in my mouth like they said to in the shop.How could you prove it though?

    You shouldnt have to prove it, the fact you purchased it an hr ago and now its not fit for purpose should be proof enough. Try calling the store and chatting with manager, if that fail consumer direct on the link in my post above.

    To be honest you are not the first on here to have received below par customer service from sports world, ive always received good customer service but I shop at their main store where their depot is and everything there is well below their shops prices.

    Some of the stuff is end of line and others seconds there tho so you do need to be careful and there are plenty of signs telling you to check items before purchase due to this, the best second ive seen which I wish I had bought for the novelty factor was an official Chelsea footbal shirt with samsung printed upside down!


    Take it back and see if you can speak to someone other than the woman that served you, you may find another assistant being a little bit more responsive.

    But check out the bbc consumer website for more info on the Sales of Goods Act at [url][/url]

    omg i did EXACTLY the same thing james, bought a pump from sports world and it was **** needle snapped i though f it its £5 cheap cheap stuff grrrrrrrrr


    James, you will learn with time that what seems a bargain is not always such a great bargain after all, Dealextreme is a prime example of this motto.

    I find that merely mentioning the sale of Goods Act 1979 and statutory rights, even if you know nothing about them, works with most shops.
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