Customer Service from Giffgaff worth £60???

Found 24th Sep 2017
how is the customer service on giffgaff for example if i have a problem with the phone, is it easy to return for exchange?

I didn't see this deal s8 plus £619 from giffgaff (S8 plus from giffgaff £619)as i got the s8 plus from amazon for £688 (seller is amazon and not some third party) as i dont have giffgaff the total will be £629 compared to the £688 i already paid. The phone hasn't yet been dispatched so i could cancel it.

I was wondering if the £60 was worthing paying extra just in case as amazon customer service is quite good.

What would you recommend?
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Can't remember specific details but my sister had an iPhone off giffgaff and had issues with them. Personally I'd stick with amazon
Remember that GiffGaff will use the same supply sources as O2.
Giffgaff customer service.... What do you mean?
I've been with giffgaff for years and never had a single issue with them. The online forums are really good because you get a answer pretty quick either from them or another user plus they have twitter and Facebook help. If there's something wrong either the phone when you get it just simply send it back it'll be send with dpd from what I've read so easily sorted
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