Found 30th Sep 2008
In your opinion, who has delivered good / bad customer service?
Good = Photobox
Bad = TalkTalk (booooooooooooooooooo!)

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good: ?????no one recently ????

bad: woolies

Bad = TalkTalk (booooooooooooooooooo!)


good: HUKD (serious)
good: Most betting websites.

very baaad - orange
awful customer service- useless!!:x

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black gerbil1;3081619

+1.good: HUKD (serious)good: Most betting websites.

gotta agree with the HUKD bit


Good: None

Bad: Alliance & Leicester

Excellent (really helped me out when i needed a new 360 and 2nd when i got a refund)
Bad - Eagle moss publishing

Bad, acer staff are abrupt and not helpful

black gerbil1;3081619

+1.good: HUKD (serious)good: Most betting websites.

I'd personally like to know who on HUKD staff has provided you with "good" customer service and where did you get their number?

john lewis - brilliant
half cost - very very good
all mobile companies - disgraceful
eon - terrible

good -

bad - ryan air

Very Good - Amazon

Good - Brabantia

Bad - Barclaycard

T-mobile can be excellent providing you can find a UK call centre but you may as well hang up if you chat to someone with an american accent (apparantly this is the Singapore callcentres) because they don't have a clue what they're talking about and will dish out the incorrect info and would of cost me an extra £50 this month if I had listened to them.


O2 of late been very good kept me informed of updates and reduced my monthly bill without even having to make that call.

Can't think of any bad ones at this moment. Oh yeah sky when i first took out the service and 8 months later increasing my damn bill.

hilton hotels ,very good,phoned to book a weekend break and spoke to someone in usa who made mistakes with my booking,eventually got speaking to someone in glasgow and got the weekend free 2 nights b&b with dinner first night

Bad : First Choice ............... bad beyond belief!
Good : Can't think of any company that has stood out tbh

Good - Apple
Bad - 3

BAD -Toucan so bad they even break their own terms and conditions and still chase you for money
Good- Local businesses always great


Bad: NO TERRIBLE = VIRGIN MEDIA (lie to you, never write anything on your account even when they promise they will, go back on their word, when you ask for a manager/supervior their always in a meeting and when you ask for them to ring you back they never do!!!!
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