Customer wins Court Case Against B&Q due to £89 Dishwasher order not being honoured

    I don't speak legalese so if anyone wants to correct or adjust my summary, please feel free.

    As I understand it as B&Q accepted and processed his order and because B&Q had unfair contract terms (being that they can supply at their discretion without a single consideration for the consumer) but they wouldn't honour it, they admited in court they allowed all these orders to be initialy processed despite only having 7 in stock and with no future stock forth coming.

    So their terms being at their discretion was utterly false as they had no intention of fulfilling those orders.

    Essentially it's fraud despite nothing being charged it seems, if they couldn;'t fulful those orders they had no business initially promising the product would be ordered and delivered to them and as such they breached their initial contractual obligations under contractual law and the sale goods act.

    If I could be arsed I would contract Amazon UK and ask for my £70 360 Elite to be delivered now

    Retailers should take note I think, do not advertise what you cannot deliver upon, or essentially all those nice automated customer check out systems you have are enabling you to essentially break the law each time you don't.


    This has always been the case, but UK consumers are unaware of their rights, and even if they know them, do not like to "Make a fuss".

    The S.O.G.A and UTCCR's gives us blanket coverage, I doubt that any country in the world has better consumer rights.

    damn, so when panasonic had all their Tv's etc at 0.01 I should have sued?


    Original Poster


    damn, so when panasonic had all their Tv's etc at 0.01 I should have … damn, so when panasonic had all their Tv's etc at 0.01 I should have sued?:oops::whistling::p:?:roll::)

    £89 is a plausible/providable price point though which Contract Law and Sales of Goods Act can uphold which the judge obviously agreed with.
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