Customers who use Norwich Union Car Insurance and pay via dd thru A&L.

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Found 9th Feb 2009
Apparently a new system @ NU has caused all payment for this to not go through properly. Have been arguing for the past two months and all A&L can tell me is that NU are using the wrong number, why it's wrong they can't tell me. Even setting up a new dd hasn't worked.

Need to find out how long A&L have known about it as until 5 minutes ago they were claiming to know nothing about it. I've given my permission for NU to use the number they want to use and they've set up a direct debit with that number. A&L confirm that they have that number but it's "wrong" but won't explain why.

Gonna go bezerk if they've known about this for more than a day or two.

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No-one else having this problem? Managers at A&L are absolutely useless. They spent 2 hours arguing with me about this so called number being wrong and the manager today has said there's nothing wrong with the number. Told them I'm not happy about them arguing with me for 2 hours and then saying actually there's nothing wrong with the number! Gonna get a response in writing within 7 days apparently.
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