Customs and Excise Auctions

    There is an advert in one of the Scottish newspapers today for a Customs and Excise Auction due to be held near Edinburgh this weekend.

    Among the stuff it offers are TVs "all offered at £100" (up to 50" 1080P), laptops "all offered at £50", cases of wine, champagne, stuff like that.

    Now, they seem a bit too good to be true. I'm going to go through and have a poke around. Has anyone ever been to one before (not specifically Edinburgh as such, could be anywhere)? If so, what's your experience, and did you buy anything?



    Can you buy me one of everything?

    if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. i went to an auction one time advertising prices like this, and was mayeb one tv and pne playststion went cheap but it was maybe there own guys that bought them. the rest of stock was the old ebay rip off videocameras and fake ipods.

    been to 2 of these
    One was a lock in..dodgy as ****.....The guy would open a box and show you an ipod...but then say the box you buy might have a screwdriver...or a radio.

    Second was just crazy money..couldnt even get in the door at one point.. The tv's start at £100 but go up by a £100 every couple of seconds.

    you get better deals on here,don't waste your time

    customs and excise / airlines/ usually go through established auction houses

    these are scams - go along for a laugh with a camcorder saying you are doing a channel 4 documentary on how to spot a bargain (not):-D
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