Customs charge for items from US

    Hi all!

    So I bought an item off Ebay, and now its stuck at the customs and I might get stung with a huge customs charge. Question - Is there anyway I can avoid this charge? Also - is it a big offense if I fake an invoice? Using photoshop or something to change the value I paid for the item.

    Or should I not risk anything and pay the ENORMOUS customs charge?


    I don't think you'll have to submit an invoice to customs or anything, so your Photoshop scheme is flawed.

    In my experience, you just get told to pay a certain amount - no payment, no package. When I bought something which attracted a customs charge, I got a card through the door from Royal Mail. When I went to the Post Office I had to pay a fee + handling charge. Best not buy expensive things abroad in the future - it was a lesson learnt for me!
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    Norm is that the seller states whats in the box.
    Also what its worth.
    Then customs and excise charge you via post office.
    The import charge is not that much but the post office or dhl etc charge to process you payment could be £15.00--20.00+customs and excise charge.
    When you buy from USA etc get sent as gift or state value as less than say £18.00 for dvd.


    Who ever sent it will of had to put a value on it, different things get different rates added what whats the item?
    PO charge around £17 handling fee on top

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    hmm, they sent me a letter to ask how much is the item and declare the item i think as the seller did state that he left the part to declare value of item blank. So i'm supposed to attach an invoice. I was wondering if I called them and asked what should I do if I dont have an invoice as it was a gift and the person sending it doesnt have a receipt as well but the number they gave to call is ALWAYS busy.

    Royal mail always charge me £8 on top of the customs charge for handling.
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    Also - is it a big offense if I fake an invoice?

    er yeah! Its called fraud / tax evasion and HMRC are the worst to try it on with. Worth a go if you like porridge lol.

    lots of info here

    and here

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    yea- guess i'll have to pay up! lol

    is it a cheap ink cartridge?
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